Station Hardbrücke 蘇黎世 [瑞士]

The commission for the extension of the Hardbrücke Train Station was launched by the Civil Engineering Department of Zurich in accordance with the Swiss Federal Railways, the Zurich Transport Network and private owners.

The site of the train station Zurich West is currently undergoing vast changes: living and working spaces are being built in direct proximity and new transport links are in the pipeline, underpinning the train stations future as an important transportation hub.

In order to meet the heightened needs, the efficiency of the station as well as the overall appearance need to be improved and more commercial facilities need to be provided. Neither the position nor the geometry of the existing tracks and platforms are to be changed and the construction process has to be possible during the operation time of the train station.

The architectural design is derived from the functional organization of the passenger flow. The shape of the volume is a direct interpretation of the connecting walkways. Thus a high degree of orientation and visibility is guaranteed on every level within the train station as well as within the city scape.


Client Municiaplity of Zurich, Tiefbauamt
Program Extension of the Hardbrucke station building by adding more commercial functions and restructering the infrastructure and traffic flows
Time 2010 - 2011
Role Architect
Participating parties Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, Stuttgart (statics) Transitec, Bern (traffic planning), Pfarré Lighting Design, Munich (light), Ruedi Baur Intergral, Zurich (graphic design), Bosshard und Partner, Zurich (cost surveying)