Seaside Resort Otradnoe 加里寧格勒地區 [俄國]

Kick started with the FIFA trainings complex for the World Cup 2018, an attractive seaside village will be realized along the stunning coastline of the Baltic Sea - a new Baltic Pearl.
The design of New Otradnoe is inspired by the many forms of settlements along the Baltic Sea, its castles, gardens and manors, the beautiful cliffs, beaches and spas and the most stunning villages and cities. Their appeal is derived from a tradition of specific place making based on interaction between built environment and green. The project results in a new urban pole, which will complement the existing Otradnoe village, while the proposed framework of streets, routes and places ‘picks up’ and completes its fabric.
The framework of New Otradnoe is based on a regular series of loose and lush landscape streets running perpendicular to the sea. Within this basic organization of the masterplan, various character zones are set out. They relate towards the context of the site and organize the divers programs with the ambition of creating strong and characteristic places with an identity of ‘Balticness’.


Client PIK Sluzhba Zakazchika, LLC, Moscow
Program 89 ha masterplan with 360.000 m2, including: trainings camp for Football World Cup 2018, SPA, 5 resort hotels, 57.500 m2 commercial programme and services, cultural centre, 156.900 m2 GFA housing, school and 2 kindergartens, parking facilities.
Time 2013 - present
Role Masterplanner