Science City Ulm [DE]

The masterplan ‘Wissenschaftsstadt' (science city) Ulm prescribes the vision for a campus for university and non-academic research, various health facilities like an academic hospital, a military hospital, a revalidation centre and a science park. Science and economy as well as retail and society will come together and create fruitful synergies on the Science City campus.

For the project a long-term development strategy has been elaborated, which is able to fulfill the different requirements and to adapt to changing conditions with a certain flexibility. The spatial translation of this vision is an ensemble of individual dense islands with different programmatic aspects. They are imbedded in the high-quality landscaped surroundings while using and preserving the landscape’s qualities.

The centrally located Albert-Einstein-Allee will be transformed into a boulevard where representative squares and public functions are located. Along this main access route essential entries to the various programmatic subareas will be situated. Within this concept, if desired and if necessary, also set back and specially secured areas can be defined. Also all general functions and common facilities will be combined along the Einstein-Allee to create a maximum of synergy between various users and activate a maximum of use of those spaces. The tram connection which had already been planned allows for an excellent connection to the city of Ulm.

Client Municipality of Ulm
Program 160 ha masterplan and strategy for the development of a campus with university facilities, academic medical center, army hospital, rehabilitation center, Univeristy of Applied Sciences, Technology Campus, business and other functions
Time 2009 - present
Role Urban Planner