Schiphol Trade Park 阿姆斯特丹 [荷兰]

The southern edge of Schiphol will undergo a large-scale urban transformation. The area A4 Zone West will be developed from a polder landscape into an innovative and sustainable, high quality and logistically effective location as part of the economically active and developing municipality of Haarlemmermeer.

A4 Zone West comprises of 347 ha, with 140 ha to build upon. Together with several partners a masterplan is proposed to develop the area into a multimodal logistic node. An adjacent terminal for the high speed train (HST) and the proximity to the A4 and Schiphol Airport offer great potential for the area to be developed into an efficient transport hub.

The masterplan offers a flexible diversity of locations for business establishment. It defines basic principles for public spaces and building volumes for the various parts of the area. Within those principles companies of different sizes, typologies and branches can be located, dependent on the users’ needs and market situation. The mix of functions, users and atmospheres stimulates interaction and activity and initiates new forms of business life.

Industries with larger logistic impact will be concentrated alongside with the HST, while industries which are less transport oriented will be located in ‘green’ outer belt which forms a smooth transition towards the landscape and locations for recreation, trade and creativity.


Client SADC (Schiphol Area Development Company N.V.)
Program Development of a multi-used logistic area combined with retail, housing, offices, schools and open space; 347 ha
Time 2010 - present
Role Masterplan
Participating parties West8, Districon, Arcadis