Quartier du Grand Stade FFR Evry Centre Essonne [法国]

The urban plan prescribes the transformation of a 133 ha former hippodrome and industrial site around the future Grand Stade Rugby stadium of the French Rugby Federation (FFR). The 82.000 seat stadium is estimated to be constructed in 2018.

KCAP created a development strategy for 200 ha including the transformation of existing urban and business areas within the 5 municipalities. We developed an economic vision of two complimentary elements that will support the future growth of the region: a Sports Economy Cluster and a Leisure Village. Our project design seeks to connect the site across multiple infrastructural barriers through the use of public space, landscape and new infrastructural connections. It aims to balance the separate demands of the highly different event and non-event modes, also by integrating temporary event planning on site.

This large-scale and complex project aims to combine a living space offering leisure activities, natural environments and well-being with the birth of a new "cluster" fully dedicated to the business of sports and well-being, something yet unheard of in France. The aim is to create an additional appeal around the stadium that will guarantee year-round activity, creating both financial and social value beyond the stadium itself.



Client Communauté d’Agglomération Evry Centre Essonne (CAECE) 
130 ha masterplan for a new mixed urban district integrating: a sports cluster; leisure activities; health and well-being program. This includes: 140.000 m2 of Leisure and Recreation facilities; 130.000 m2 of Office, Education and ‘sport-related’ companies; 60.000 m2 of Commercial; and 35.000 m2 Residential. The high-quality public spaces are combined with multi-sport uses.
2013 - 2014 
Role Lead urban planner, architect
Participating parties Ilex Paysage (Landscape and public space), ARUP (Sustainability Strategy, Safety and Security, Lighting), ARCADIS (Mobility, Roads, Infrastructure), FAKTON (Business Intelligence)
Award 2nd Prize