Pshenitsa Novosibirsk region [俄国]

The masterplan site is part of a family of three sites in the south-west of Novosibirsk, surrounding by largely agricultural fields and the Vaskhnil Agricultural Research Institute. The aim of the project is to create an intimate urban area that mixes lower buildings, intimate landscapes and shared public spaces and that contrasts with the standard high-rise developments in Russia.
The masterplan fits within an existing framework of a circular-shaped approved local plan, but is reinterpreted through a contrasting public space and landscape network, and through a stronger road and bicycle network that creates a well-connected grid.
The masterplan strategy begins with a preservation of the existing forest patches; then converts the circular form into a public, active landscape which connects together a family of larger public events spaces; and adds a network of public natural green strips (containing food producing planting) connecting the semi-private courtyards.
We have introduced new housing typologies to the area which contrast the standard Russian high-rise model by creating 5-9 storey U-shaped and L-shaped building blocks that create intimate and safe courtyards. Mixed with these are urban villas, a stepped “Russian Cresent” block as well as low-density townhouses and detached homes in the North.


Client Brusnika
Program Masterplan and first-phase architecture for 60 ha residential area with 6.300 residences (315.000 m2 NFA), 11.000 m2 commercial plinth, 8.800 m2 administrative centre, 9.000 m2 central shopping and business area, and a kindergarten.
Time 2013 - present
Role  Masterplanner and architect
Participating parties Felixx, Amsterdam (landscape)