PPS 格羅寧根 [荷蘭]

The design for the new headquarters of the IB Group and Tax department can be considered as a landmark at the edge of the “Sterrebos”, a marking place at southern cityring of Groningen. Apart from the offices the complex also features several publicly and representative spaces as restaurants and conference facilities. The proposed urban setting is a campus model where a city garden will be the contra mould of the buildings and will have the highest degree of design. This city garden, a coherent flowing ground level, connects with its surroundings in all directions.  The sculptural design of the building consist of vertical trinity of volumes in which the several floors with their different heights and voids are cut out. The porous volume gives room for gardens and meeting places who provide the necessary diversity in a furthermore homogenous office space.

Client Armadu Consortium
Program Urban design for the ‘Kempkensberg/engelse kamp’ for mixed-use urban office/housing area. Architectural design for the new offices of the IB group and Tax department, 45.500 m2 offices, conference and catering
Time Design 2006
Role Urban planner and architect
Participating parties Armadu