Passage Square 叶卡特琳娜堡 [俄国]

The Passage Square is located in the historical center of Ekaterinburg, on the main avenue of the city. It is located in front of the shopping center 'Passage' that opened recently, next to the city hall. The square has always been a popular spot in the city. The new public space design and the square’s functional upgrade give a boost to the square itself but also strengthen the location as one of the important links in city’s public space network.

The aim of the design was to preserve the original character of the square with its main components as basis: the granite paving, green areas and a central fountain. New elements made of corroded steel are added: tall lighting elements and low planters of different sizes. The planters offer space for a variety of plants to flourish and at the same time they function as seating elements. The light elements are individually perforated, revealing pictures of 20 different kinds of orchids, a typical flower of Ekaterinburg region. In this way, the six meter tall elements, , also relating to the verticality of the shopping center, do  not only have an aesthetic function but an educational as well.

The combination of  the steel material and strong lining of the landscape with the maple trees create a strong and pleasant outdoor space, complementary to the classical building of the shopping center. With the new landscaping of the Passage Square the location revives to be one of the most prominent and publicly very well used open spaces on Lenin Avenue again.

Client Malysheva-73, Ekaterinburg
Program Public space of 3.000 m2
Time 2014 - 2016
Role Urban planner and public space designer
Participating parties Technical department Client, Ural-Project (local partner), Eduard Kubenskiy (perforation design)