Nieuwe Park Rozenburgschool 鹿特丹 [荷兰]

The ‘Nieuwe Park Rozenburgschool’ is an elementary school in Rotterdam’s quarter Kralingen-Crooswijk with children from various ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds. Currently the school is spread over two locations within the district.
The chosen location to extend the school presents a complex and small-scale urban situation asking for a sensible design of the building mass, the materialization and accessibility of the site.

The program consists of a new building with 2.000 m2 as extension of an existing building with 1.200 m2, a municipal monument, built in 1931 by the brothers Evert and Herman Kraaijvanger, and renovated internally by KCAP in 2005. With a total of 3.200 m2 the school will house 21 classrooms, of which 14 in the new and 7 in the existing building.

On ground level, a glass volume connects the new and the old building which can additionally be merged with neighboring rooms to one large multifunctional space. The classrooms are located on the second floor. Broad hallways allow for creating multifunctional and flexible spaces which can be linked to the classrooms.

The new building is labeled as ‘Frisse Scholen’ (fresh schools) class B and scores high sustainability results. The structure consists of a light construction of wooden columns with dividing walls. This provides for flexibility in the usage of the space and creates a warm character for the interior of the school.

Client Stadsontwikkeling Rotterdam (former OBR) commissioned by JOS (Jeugd, Onderwijs en Samenleving)
Program 3.200 m2 for 21 classrooms of which new building with 2.000 m2 for 14 classrooms and renovation existing building with 1.200 m2 for 7 classrooms, common and multifunctional spaces, staff rooms
Time 2008 - 2013
Role Architect of new complex and of renovation historical school building in 2005