Laurenskwartier 鹿特丹 [荷兰]

The ‘Laurenskwartier’ or Laurensquarter is a heterogeneous area with a wide mix of qualities. Located near the centre of Rotterdam it was once the heart of the city before it was destroyed by the bombardment during World War II. By the 1990s, however, the Laurensquarter was isolated from the centre which had shifted to the west of the area. This sheltered position led to some cases of public neglect and a lack of coherence. The successive city plans left their mark on the quarter, however it is no longer positioned as a central area.

KCAP’s masterplan creates an overall vision with a priority given to developing the quantity, structure and quality of the public space of the area, giving it a new identity.

The plan defines clear edges and spaces which create a hierarchical grain within the public realm. The main structure for the Laurensquarter is established by extending sightlines to adjoining neighbourhoods and creating town squares of different scales. Close collaboration with the planning office from the city of Rotterdam, commercial developers, various private parties and participation groups have led to a masterplan which is widely supported within Rotterdam society. It will ensure a sustainable yet contemporary development, creating a new locus of activity in the city.    

Client City of Rotterdam, Department for Urban Planning, Housing and Traffic (dS+V)
Program Masterplan and supervision of redevelopment of the northern half of the historic center of Rotterdam destroyed in World War II
Time 2006 - present (supervision)
Role Masterplanner and supervisor