Koningin Wilhelminaschool Kantoren 鹿特丹 [荷兰]

The former Queen Wilhelmina school complex at the Crooswijkse Singel is a municipal monument built in 1899. The complex accommodated a school, the director’s appartment and a church. After transformation, the building contains a school with a kindergarden on the 2 lowest levels, an office floor and a top-floor with meeting spaces for rent and external use.

Several smart interventions suit the new program. The main task was to transform an ensemble of three adjacent vertically organized buildings in one horizontally organized building. The second floor for instance, was cleared from walls and other spatial obstacles in order to create one uninterrupted floor-area. At the same time, the central space of the top-floor has been flanked by a roof terrace that functions as an extra meeting-space.

Simple interventions improve the visibility and accessibility of the entrance. Furthermore, the colorful leaded glass panels and the artistry stairways in the entrance-hall were restored. Throughout the complex, the character and the authenticity of the old monument is tangible again.


Client Stichting Verenigde Protestants Christelijke Scholen (VPCS), Rotterdam
Program Reconstruction and renovation of a municipal monument from year 1899, resulting in a school-office building of 600 m2
Time 2007 - 2009
Role Architect