Java Eiland 阿姆斯特丹 [荷兰]

The Java Island is part of Amsterdam’s Eastern Harbour District, which was transformed into a residential area in the 1990s. Using the masterplan by Sjoerd Soeters as a base, KCAP has realized 200 dwellings, various commercial spaces and an underground car park within this redevelopment. The KCAP programme was distributed among nine buildings that stand overlooking the quayside as well as in the courtyard-like spaces within the architectural blocks. A single concept was applied to the facades of all of the buildings. Diverse forms of fenestration are set at varying distances from one another. This results in an attractively varied frontage, a contemporary interpretation of the traditional ornamental architecture to which Java island refers.

Client SFB BPF bouw
Program 200 houses, workspaces and parking facilities spread over 9 buildings
Time 2002 - 2006