Irish Glass Bottle Site 都柏林 [爱尔兰]

The Irish Glass Bottle Site is part of a wider masterplan to transform the Poolbec peninsula as part of Dublin Docklands. The area between the River Liffey and the Dublin Bay has enormous potentials to develop the former industrial and harbour area into a new mixed use development.
The street network and public spaces is designed in such a way that a maximum of connectivity and communication with the surroundings is generated, not only "anchoring" the site in the context network, but also anticipating future connections.

A layout proposal for the Fabrizia site is incorporated. As the Fabrizia site lies between the Irish Glass Bottle Site and the coast, it is of utmost importance for a qualitative development that this site also develops a qualitative urban atmosphere, including a certain transparency.

The design concept consists of a basic pattern of 18m high courtyard blocks within a rectangular street pattern that runs parallel to the boundaries of the site, providing transparency in NW-SW direction towards the sea and in NE-SW direction to Sean Moore Park. From this basic pattern, different typologies can evolve, in accordance with the "4-category strategy": generic block 18 m, office add-ons 40 m, midrise 60 m and iconic buildings +60 m.

Client Becbay Limited, Dublin
Program 10 ha masterplan with 300.000 m2 GFA of which 60% residential - 1.900 appartments and 40% commercial functions, education facilities and leisure plot size 10 ha 
Time 2007 - present
Role Masterplanner and public space designer
Participating parties McGarry Ní Éanaigh Architects (contactarchitect Dublin)