ibis Rotterdam City Centre 及 Dock 21 鹿特丹 [荷兰]

The Wijnhaven hotel is a development which includes next to hotel functions with a restaurant also commercial spaces and apartments. It is located on Rotterdam’s Wijnhaveneiland, next to the Red Apple, a mixed-use building designed by KCAP and realized in 2009. Wijnhaveneiland is a strategic area in Rotterdam, flanked by the arteries that link the city centre with the south bank of the river Mass. In the recent years the area has undergone a urban regeneration, based on a dynamic transformation model developed by KCAP that takes in advantage the free-market forces as urban generator, while ensuring the balance between old and new construction, the preservation of views and sufficient incidence of daylight throughout the area. Together with the Red Apple the Wijnhaven hotel forms the block on the tip of the island facing the historical area of Rotterdam’s old harbour.

The massing and building height of the hotel building blends in with its surroundings. It reveals its two different functions – hotel and apartments - while maintaining one coherent image at the same time. This is achieved by composing two contrasting façades on top of a bonding plinth. The apartments open towards the quay with a totally glazed elevation, whereas the hotel reveals a more enclosed thus massive appearing yet light-weight undulating polyester façade. The plinth connects the ensemble horizontally and refers with its execution in natural stone to the quay. At the same time it creates vertical links by adopting the rhythm of the volume on top. 

Client Heijmerink - J.P. Van Eesteren v.o.f, Bunnik
Program 7.650 m2 GFA of which 139 rooms ibis ho­tel and ‘Dock21’ apartment building with 21 units of 85 m2, 400 m2 offices/commer­cial spaces, 600 m2 restaurant
Time 2010 - 2014
Role Architect