Hogeschool 鹿特丹 [荷兰]

The building for Hogeschool Rotterdam (Rotterdam University) was realized on the corner of the Wijnhaven and the foot of the Willemsbrug. It is a combination of existing building and new construction and a footbridge to the art academy across the street. With its eye-catching facade of steel and wood, the building is an identity-bearer for Hogeschool Rotterdam.
The structure of the educational complex symbolizes the dynamic evolution of education theme - due its flexible layout the building can easily be adapted to suit changing educational approaches. The two slabs create a spatial interplay of voids and sight lines. The standard functions, such as classrooms, offices and workshops, are situated in these volumes united by an atrium. In the atrium loose programmatic components, such as a lecture hall, restaurant facilities and a gym, have been suspended. Galleries around the atrium serve as buffer zones between classes and spaces of circulation and relaxation. Various structural elements are double used. The inclined ceiling slab of lecture hall can also serve as seating for performances and the music room can be used as a stage. This flexibility is also evident in the facade, which predominantly has a neutral character that is independent of the interior. Conversely, fixed special facilities are manifest in the facade. For example, the wooden materialization of the sports hall continues through to the exterior.

Client HRO Hogeschool Rotterdan en Omstreken, Rotterdam
Program Renovation of 7.000 m2 of existing building and extension with 6.000 m2 of new development
Time 1995 - 1998
Architect and supervisior