Hofrand Ypenburg [荷兰]

Ypenburg, the site of a former military airport in the poldersbetween The Hague and Delft, has been developed in a period of15 years into an area with around 11.000 new homes for 30.000 residents. The district is designed as a collection of residential areas varying in density, urban design and architecture. On plot 16, an area of approximately 15 hectare with 280 homes, KCAP has designed 67 one-family-houses and two terraced apartment buildings. The row houses, together with the apartment buildings and the villas define the court of subplan 16. The court is an urban and architectural unity that is surrounded by a two-sided border of buildings. The outside of the court has a closed character, on the inside more light and transparent materialsare used opening to a large open space. Multiple openings in the built structure provide access to the court. The row houses offer five different housing types. The composition of alternating sizes, housing types, split level, material and color creates a varied façade appearance revealing much individuality. The two terraced buildings count five stories and have an accesscorridor. They refer in architecture, materialization, color and proportions of the windows to the row houses.

Client Heijmans Vastgoedontwikkeling, Rotterdam
Program 104 residences, of which 67 one-family-houses with 6.0m, 7.8m and 9.3 m width, 12 apartments segment 4, 25 apartments segment 2 and parking garage for 50 cars, 20.700 m2
Time 2004 - 2008
Role Architect