HGZZ 苏黎世 [瑞士]

The University District Zurich Centre (Hochschulgebiet Zürich Zentrum, HGZZ) area is transformed from an urban campus enclave into an open inner city campus that is fully integrated into the Fluntern district. The newly designed public space structure, new attractive accesses and address-forming arrival and residence points

along with the planned new buildings embedded in their granularity into the surroundings completely transforms the area into an appealing, easily accessible, mixed-use inner-city health, knowledge and research location.

The formation of the building complexes into individual houses, which are connected with passages, alleys, galleries and bridges, generates a spatial and visual porosity, which links the future building complexes with the adjoining quarters to maximize their granularity and accessibility. This clear structuring of the public urban spaces as well as the internal semi-public spaces creates a hierarchy throughout the access systems, and enables easy orientation within the entire university quarter as well as with its individual building clusters.

More information can be found project website.

Client Canton Zurich
Program 18,5 ha concept for urban and public space for central university area
Time 2017 - present
Role Urban planner
Participating parties Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur (landscape), IBV Hüsler (traffic), Fahrländer Partner (consultancy), Salewski & Kretz Architekten (urban design)