Hardturmstadium 苏黎世 [瑞士]

The new Hardturm stadium as a design completing the typical urban setting in the new quarter Zurich west is located at the transition of the dense urban space to the attractive landscape and recreational area. As an iconographic building the stadium looks from the west like a solitaire. To the east it defines a city block closing the new urban development projects in the area.

Following this logic the stadium’s volumetry is generated. Three corners of the building are rounded according to the flow of the movement. The south-east corner, however, is at right angles to emphasize the clear shape of the square next to Pfingstweidstrasse. Providing space for the circulation, the organization of compounds and parking, the footbridge is not designed as an independent element, but as a part of a landscape-relief. Herewith the element characterizes the western end of the area. From the West the stadium is accessible by foot on the level of the footbridge, on the east side the access is at the ground level orientated to the square.

The archaic design of the stadium refers to the name patron of the stadium itself and the neighborhood, the Hardturm. The concrete façade is smooth at the pedestrians level, polished and shiny executed. To the top the concrete is getting rougher and more brittle. The outer shell is perforated by encircling openings formulated as goals.






Client City of Zurich
Program New football stadium in the Hardturm area
Time 2011 - 2012
Role Architect and urban designer
Participating parties Sollberger Bögli architects, Klötzli Friedli Landschaftsarchitekten, Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, construction, roschi + partner, HLKS, b+p baurealisation AG, controlling, Gruner AG, security, BAKUS Akustik, Philipp Schaerer (visualisation)