Golden City Block 4 圣彼得堡 [俄国]

Als zakendistrict vormt blok 4 het visitekaartje van Golden City. Het ensemble is strategisch gelegen aan de toegang tot het gebied en aan de ringweg. Het zakendistrict is daardoor uitstekend verbonden met het centrum van St. Petersburg.

The proposal for this triangular shaped block is to create here one coherent and exciting working environment. The ensemble consists of a set of individual shaped solitary buildings in a unique landscape setting. Together they create extraordinary conditions for a complex functional mix, consisting of various types of office buildings with shared functions in the plinth, commercial program, a kindergarten and parking buildings.

The buildings of the office cluster are different in size and abstractly shaped. Their layered façade is made out of several white patterns, wrapping around simple glass volumes. The different patterns create diversity and harmony. At the same time this design feature functions as integrated sun blind. The plinth areas are deliberately not covered with this pattern, as to fully open up the plinth towards the public spaces in order to maximize the activation and interaction between building and public space. The landscape around the sculptural buildings is developed as a continuous patchwork of diverse public spaces.

The whitish and golden colour scheme on the facades refers to the architecture of the other neighbouring quarters, emphasizing the identity of the Golden City project.

Client Glorax Development, Moscow
Program 4,5 ha plot with 93.200 m2 office centre and 12.500 m2 other functions, including a commercial plinth, underground parking garage, kindergarten and 2 parking buildings
Time 2018 - present
Rol KCAP+ORANGE architect