Farelcollege Ridderkerk [荷兰]

The new extension of the Farelcollege is located on the edge of Ridderkerk and the luscious green of the Ryerpark. It forms a connection between the local sport facilities, the residential area and the business park along the Kastanjelaan. A design has been chosen that enhances the campus-like layout of the school complex, as well as it allows for future developments such as an additional school expansion or a built bike-parking within the plot boundary. The second floor of the new “MAVO” building cantilevers over the existing gymnasium, thereby creating a bridge between the main building and the nearby offices. This 7 meter high gate becomes the new stunning  entrance of the school campus.

The building consists of 3 floors that comprise the new program of 1700m2. 12 classrooms and a larger multifunctional space on the ground floor form the main components. On the upper floors the classrooms are organized along a wide hallway, each of them linked to an open multi-purpose area situated along the central axis and the heart of the building. 

The sculptural form of the extension is simple, yet spectacular. The main volume is formed by a subtly nuanced brick facade with bronze-colored aluminum windows. The color and texture of the brick creates the link to the two existing buildings as well as it lends the new building its own warm identity.


Client Farelcollege Ridderkerk
Program  1.700 m2 school extension with 12 classrooms and a multifunctional space
Time 2011 - 2014
Role Architect