Extension terminal and new hotel Eindhoven Airport 埃因霍溫 [荷兰]

In order to facilitate the increasing passenger growth of Eindhoven Airport, the existing terminal building has been extended and a new hotel building has been added. The extension consists of a new 2 000m2 entrance zone with additional retail, bars and restaurants on the ground floor, a 2 700m2 extension of the arrival hall and 2 700m2 of offices on the first floor. The 8 storey hotel offers 120 hotel rooms, a bar, breakfast space and fitness facilities; a restaurant and meeting rooms are situated within the terminal building.

The possibility of an extension was anticipated in the original design. A growth model has been developed in which separate building elements can be realised independently of each other, in both height or length. Like the first terminal building, the extension and the new hotel are characterised by functionality and transparency. In form and material they clearly refer to the techniques and dynamics of the aviation industry. The terminal has been extended an additional 65m as a succession of the curved roof, the V-columns and the facade of steel, glass and aluminium. The entrance zone was also extended to offer both commercial facilities and space for the hotel lobby with a reception desk and access to the lifts and stairs.

The hotel is a solitary building positioned on top of the departure hall. The construction, including the concrete facade, rests entirely on two cores and two loadbearing walls. The exterior is clad with metal facade elements. The form and position of the hotel create an orientation point and a symbolic character for the new ensemble of Eindhoven Airport, while maintaining existing qualities such as easy orientation and clear logistics.

Client Eindhoven Airport BV, Eindhoven
Program Extension of terminal with new 2.000m2 entrance zone with additional retail, bars and restaurants on the ground floor, a 2.700 m2 extension of the arrival hall and 2.700 m2 of offices on the first floor, and 4.550 m2 hotel with 120 rooms on 8 storeys
Time 2008 - 2013
Role Architect in coopertion with De Bever Architecten, Eindhoven
Participating parties Studio Linse (interior architect terminal)
AbrahamsCrielaers (interior architect hotel)