European Riverfront Novosibirsk [俄国]

The project is a fully integrated residential district. All the buildings are organized around a distinct green courtyard.

Buildings are human scaled modules which add up to closed blocks. Each group of buildings is a world on its own with a big courtyard which is envisioned as an extension of the public space. Along the road, the buildings line up and create a nice and appealing ‘closed’ building front. The massing is playful, but done in such a way that wind will be kept away from the development and sun exposure is maximized. In general, the buildings volumes vary between 6 and 8 floors and 24 floors for the higher towers at strategic points, to reinforce some polarities.

The two main squares will feature specific activities. A commercial center with cinema and some special shops is situated at the most western entrance of the development. It is easily accessible from the commercial area close to the site. The central entrance will be landmarked by a sport center.

A nice lively street which runs parallel with the river acts as a central spine and will connect the two main landmark squares with retail and commercial facilities.





Client Brusnika
Program 15 ha masterplan for residential area with 335.880 m2 housing, 37.320 m2 commercial area including cinema, shops and sportcenter
Time 2014 - present
Role Urban Planners
Participating parties Felixx Landscape Architects, Rotterdam (landscape); JEMS Architekci, Warsaw (architect); LEVS Architecten, Amsterdam (architect); SVESMI, Rotterdam (architect); Mecanoo architecten, Delft (architect)