European Quarter Tyumen [俄国]

The masterplan of European Quarter prescribes a new, contemporary urban neighbourhood with affordable housing. The area is situated on the right bank of the Tura river and it has its own unique character.

The two main spatial features of the project are: firstly, the central walk, or spine, made up of various pockets of greenery and recreational spaces, generating a multi-layered carpet of open spaces and atmospheres in the centre. Secondly, the system of urban blocks, providing a diversity of built environment. The central walk, a 320 m long pedestrian space, will act as a linear green heart for every resident. It will provide a backdrop for a pleasant combination of activities, set a stage for all surrounding buildings and function as a catalyst to stimulate the interaction of various social groups. The spine ends at a square in the south and connects with the Lake Park in the North. Also on the South-side of the spine, a vivid square with different facilities such as shops and cafés will arise.

Two main typologies define the character of the housing environment: multi-layer apartment buildings that create a firm perimeter and urban villas inside of the green inner courts with daycare facilities integrated in these pavilions. With the built-in, one level underground parking solution the central green court is kept free of cars. The high level of standardization and the efficiency of the floorplans protect have positive effects on the economic aspects of the project.

Client Tyumen
Program 7 ha masterplan with 100.000 m2 housing (1.800 dwellings), commercial program and daycare
Time 2014 - present
Role Urban planner, architect
Participating parties Felixx Landscape Architects and Planners