Contrast Leidsche Rijn [荷兰]

Contrast is the second apartment building that KCAP has realized along the northern city axis in Leidsche Rijn. All apartments have large balconies and / or terraces. Inside the U-shaped complex is a collective courtyard is formed on the roof of the parking garage.
The façade facing the railway and the road is excuted as ‘deaf’ facade. The balconies along the side streets are half integrated in the block to as set back from the noise.
The building is composed as a robust block with large horizontal windows and brick balconies, resting on a glass plinth. The interior with its light color and bright and informal appearance forms a strong contrast to the exterior. It represents as well a contrast between the urban and busy outside world and the quiet inner world.
The parking spaces are integrated in the building, not visible from the apartments or from the streets.

Client 2dvlop Vastgoed bv Amsterdam, BAM Vastgoed bv Bunnik
Program 9345 m2 apartment complex with 58 apartments, workshops, offices and a parking garage of two layers for 68 parking spaces
Time 2005 - 2009
Role Architect