Componistenkwartier 奥斯 [荷兰]

The Componistenkwartier is part of the transformation of the Sibeliuspark into a lively and multifunctional city park. The development consists of 130 houses loosely positioned in the park landscape. The 130 dwellings are divided into 4 clusters with court-like designs, which are reminiscent of shards due to their shape and spatial positioning.

Relaxed living in the park is the starting point. The houses are oriented towards the park with with park green running al the way through to the front door. The back gardens are relatively modest, so that the public space between the house can be generous. A place to play, relax and interact with the neighbours. This makes the park an integral part of the daily experience of the residents of the Componistenkwartier. Parking is is made invisible though placement in courtyards and the park itself is car-free. The main route through the park navigates througn the shards. The houses are accessible via a network of winding paths. At the heart of the plan is a special heather garden.

The shards consist of several rows of 3 to 12 dwellings, over 2 or 3 layers. At different points so-called specials have been introduced: homes with an enlarged ground floor. These specials are the intermediaries between two blocks. Aditionally, carefully designed garden walls out of bricks provide even more cohesion. The orthogonal shape, careful detailing, materialisation and colour selection give the houses a simple and robust appearance, that creates a nice contrast with the lush green environment.



Client Hendriks Bouw & Ontwikkeling Oss
Program 130 single-family homes in the Sibeliuspark
Tijd 2016 - present
Role Urban planner, architect