Circular Work Locations 2050 阿姆斯特丹 [荷兰]

Team ‘Machinekamer Sloterdijk’ (KCAP + Metabolic + RebelGroup + Goudappel Coffeng) developed a vision for a circular future for Sloterdijk as participant of the Challenge Circular Work Locations 2050. The vision builds on the qualities that are already present in the area: a large diversity of work locations. The area thus has the potential to grow into the "engine room" of the city and region. Key in this plan is the transformation of various individual industrial clusters into a coherent network. This requires thinking differently about work locations. Such locations are always part of multiple networks. After all, work is done at a work location, but the nature of a work location has an important function for the city and the region. Ultimately, smart interventions can create a system at this location that can make all facets of production circular. This applies to heavy industry, raw materials and recycling in the port area and the production of products as well as the experience, retail and the intake of those products. Within this vision, each sub-area has its own role in the process. Therefor this product is not a detailed plan, but a strategy to start working on circularity and to give substance to ideals and innovative thinking on making the city.

In this vision, circularity is not limited to closing cycles of materials, water and energy. Biodiversity, mobility, cultural values and wellbeing also form an integral part of this study on a future that builds on the present qualities and identity. Making production processes and flows visible raises awareness and increases perceptibility. Moreover, experiencing product cycles increases the synergy between the various users and thus results in an innovative environment. Work and production landscapes are an essential part of our society and may therefore be a visible part of our daily experience.



Client Architectuur Lokaal in collaboration with province of Noord-Holland, Schiphol Area Development Company (SADC), Stichting Kennisalliantie Bedrijventerreinen Nederland (SKBN
Program Case study on future work locations; sustainability, circular economy, mobility, digitisation, cycles of materials, culture, wellbeing and future concepts for living and working
Time 2018
Role Urban designer in multidisciplinary team with Metabolic, RebelGroup, Goudappel Coffeng