Brussel2040 布鲁塞尔 [比利时]

The Brussels Capital Region commissioned a sustainable strategic vision for the metropolitan area Brussel within its regional context for the period until 2040. KCAP’s vision Brussel2040 proposes compactness as the key to face the actual challenges of demography, internationalization, environment, jobs and dualisation. The city can be ‘retaken’ by intensifying the land use, linked to the development of a polycentric mobility network and the interconnection of urban public space and open landscape. This integral approach determines the programmatic ingredients of zones to be densified whereas their local identities and potential for economic, social or environmental synergies determine the integration within network of centralities.

­­Rather than a blueprint a ‘framework for quality’ is presented, providing an integrated spatial balance, translated into design and implementation strategies. Such process-oriented planning guarantees quality within a spatial framework and allows a step-by-step approach, political and private alliances and adjustments to unexpected developments over the next thirty years.

Client Brussels-Capital Region 
Program Development of a sustainable strategic vision as evaluation of existing strategic plan
Time 2011 - 2012
Role Urban planner
Participating parties Arup Amsterdam (sustainability and transport), Systematica SpA, Milano (mobility), ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles], Rotterdam (landscape and public space)