Bao’an UBG 107 深圳 [中国]

G 107 is a national Chinese highway which will be transformed into an varied and urban concourse, a comprehensive assemblage of tunnels, boulevards and various green and water spaces with dedicated diversity in its transport organization, appearance and urban integration. Combined with a new public transport network it provokes the development of rich and complex urban networks of the entire zone. Where existing G107 is a ‘vector line’, the new G107 becomes a ‘pixel’, a smart and intelligent breeding ground for urbanity. Where G 107 is a ‘lifeless line’, UBG 107 (Urban Breeding Ground) is a lively line staging a rich variety of places, centres, connections and networks. It allows the city, communities and landscape to coexist and overlap, to breath and be present in the future.

The present distinctive strengths will be the starting points for its future. Building on its special assets, attributes and advantages the concept combines those with a strategy of ‘platforms’ and ‘ecosystems’. Platforms are public urban environments which offer new possibilities for collaboration and exchange, creating new starting points for a future economy, e.g. in information technology, biotech, digital media or robotic production. Transforming the existing industrial pieces on the site into larger industrial ecosystems of linked (innovative) activities will make the integration of new starting points more effective and also result in more economic resilience in the various clusters.

Rethinking G 107 implies progressing the function, the shape and structure of its ‘economy’, to unveil its distinctive strength and to find new starting points for its future economy and existing industries and communities. This transformation will bring new dynamics to make the linear condition of G107 alive.

Client The People’s Government of Bao’an District in Shenzhen & Urban Planning, Land & Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality
Program Strategic urban planning for a research area of 7.000 ha around G107 highway
Time 2016
Role Masterplanner
Participating parties Lay-Out Planning Institute, Shenzhen