Bao’an Coastal city 深圳 [中国]

Baoan Coastal zone is located along the Pearl River delta. The area already contains many new developments including Shenzhen Baoan Airport, major ports, terminals, new railways and roads and QianHai, a new city district around the new bay. Due to its location, Baoan used to be a delta in itself, as well as historically, with 45 different creeks and rivers streaming through the area.

With the strategy ‘REPAIR BY DEVELOPMENT’ we have designed it into a fresh water network which complements the salt water coastline with an extensive network of freshwater, treated water and green spaces. The freshwater network will transform a zone of approximately 33 x 7 kilometers – roughly the zone between the present (2014) and the historic (1994) shoreline - into a spectacular, rich and differentiated coastal city. The freshwater network connects 3 concentration zones: New Airport City, XiWan and QianHai, bringing a new substantial spatial depth to the coastline.

The water network will be integrated within the existing water spaces and will feature different characters: the salty seawater, a riparian habitat from the rivers for purification, lakes acting as a water reservoir, a mangrove banding zone as brackish water mixed with sea and fresh water, connecting canals and a water detention area with vegetation. Different water features will set the stage for a wide range of urban environments. The fresh water network also positions an agenda for regeneration of the wider territory together with the old villages, leading the area towards a resilient ecological region.

Client Bao'an Office of Urban Planning, Land and Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality
Program 7.000 ha Masterplan with a length of 45 km Bao'an Coastal zone for a mixed urban waterfront activities
Time 2014
Role Urban planner, landscape architect
Participating parties LAY-OUT (landscape and public space)
Atelier Dreisetl (water management)