Balans Leidsche Rijn [荷兰]

The ‘Balans’ (Balance) complex is the first of two apartment buildings by KCAP along the northern section of the urban axis in Leidsche Rijn. All 50 apartments have balconies and/or rooftop terraces and within the U-shaped complex there is a communal enclosed garden on the roof of the car park. The residential block is six storeys high and steps down in terraces towards the low-rise construction to the south. Because of the noisy location on the urban axis and the railway line, the design incorporates additional sound-proofing measures. The north side of the building has a facade that is partially ‘deaf’ and partially insulated by a ‘double facade’, while the balconies on the east and west sides are set back into the building.

Client 2dvlop, Amsterdam, Bam Vastgoed Bunnik
Program Apartmentbuilding with 50 appartments, offices and two layers of parking
Time 2003 - 2007
Role Architect