Akhtuba City Park Volzhskiy [RU]

Akhtuba City Park is a large scale urban development well connected with the center of Volzhskiy and the city of Volgograd, by a new highway and a bridge across Volga river. It is located at an open plateau in the south east of Volzhskiy and divided on several character areas with its own unique qualities. The plot has great views of the floodplain of Akhtuba river. Complementing the housing with everyday use services, the important part of the new district is a commercial and entertainment center of city scale. The  proximity of various programs will create a lively atmosphere and diverse environment.

The basic planning element of the masterplan is the building block. Built-up areas organize well protected and compact urban environment. Pedestrian and cycling paths connecting the whole neighbourhood to the save and green pedestrian friendly environment. The project is taking in consideration the specificity of the extreme climate conditions - hot and dry summer and cold and windy winter. A system of green spaces and water features, redistributed across its territory and combined with public spaces.

Residential areas with diverse characters are mostly mid-rise. There are some high-rise accents in special locations, which will insure great views towards Volgograd and the surrounding landscape. Housing will be presented with a set of different typologies: urban villas, row houses and apartment blocks.

The project illustrates KCAP’s vision of the contemporary  residential development model in Russia, based on principles of European urbanism. To create the  sustainable district with a comfortable environment, protected from cold wind during winter season and heat at summer with a system of the green spaces is the main objective of the project.


Client MSK Classic, Moscow
Program Masterplan for 230 ha with total 1,157,000 m2 of sellable area, including: residential area 950,000, retail and commercial/leisure center 208,000 m2 of which a 81,000 m2 a shopping-mall, office and business 20,400 m2
Time 2013 - 2014
Role Masterplanner
Participating parties ARUP Amsterdam-Moscow (transport en engineering), Knight Frank Moscow (marketing research), Rosstroyproject Volgograd (local partner)