A2 Traverse 马斯特里赫特 [荷兰]

The A2 Traverse masterplan is the framework for the underground extension of A2 highway beneath the city of Maastricht. This project provides both opportunities and risks for the city and its structure. Most of all it provides the chance to connect the East of Maastricht with the rest of the city and the environment. The new canal on top of the new highway tunnel is just one of the new lines in the network. It connects all areas within the urban setting. Each area has its own atmosphere and character. As a consequence the canal is divided in various zones.
The A2 Traverse Masterplan provides a unique opportunity Maastricht and its surroundings to improve at once: districts on either side of the current N2 road are connected, contrasts between city and countryside are strengthened and lost qualities are restored. Maastricht East is catching up.

Client De Unie van Maastricht
Program Masterplan, development plan and masterplan framework for the redevelopment of A2 highway project through Maastricht
Time 2006 - 2007
Role Masterplanner
Participating parties DHV, Witteveen+Bos, Lodewijk Baljon, RVR b.v., Zwarts & Jansma