OFFICE ROKA organised the 5th edition of the Slovakian OFFICE OF THE YEAR award. There were thirty companies involved and twelve finalists. Jeroen Dirckx, partner at KCAP and working in Bratislava on the New Istropolis creative district, has been one of the jury members: "Never have discussions about the relevance and the future of the workplace been so thought-provoking as now, after a year of working from a home office or in a Covid-19-safe environment."

The absolute winner of the award is Mobile Online. The office was part of a larger regeneration project in an industrial heritage context. Former sheds were renovated, all with a respectful treatment of the characteristic exposed red brick walls and the existing wooden rood structure. The new Microsoft offices won the category Innovative, while the project Effectivity stood out in representing the company's DNA in the DNA category. The new offices of BDO were awarded the category Healthy.

"On different levels, the candidates involved staff early on in discussing how to organize the work-place. An approach that is resulting in concepts where activity-based working environments get enriched with a more personal or location-specific touch and different atmospheres in response to the needs expressed by the staff. The focus on productivity moves to a focus on wellbeing," commented Jeroen, underlining the importance of good design in fostering a happy office environment.

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Image: Office Roka