The city entrance of Amersfoort is being transformed into a green boulevard with remarkable building ensembles alongside.

The development plan by KCAP already radically improved the post-war neighborhoods by connecting them safely with a grade separated crossing, with an outstanding swim and sports complex from VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism. When fully realized, the plan delivers about 820 much-needed residences, of which a large part are affordable. With the recent delivery of 165 houses by de Alliantie and Moke Architecten, the eastern composition of 4 towers is now completed! Along the Valleikanaal an ecological park designed by MTD Landschapsarchitecten is realized which extends onto the green decks between the towers.

The project is part of a comprehensive approach by de Alliantie and Gemeente Amersfoort to improve and renew these neighborhoods into vibrant and livable city districts for Amersfoort. 

You can find a video on the construction process here.