The residential urban block ‘Kade Noord’ in Zutphen, designed by the architecture offices KCAP and Zecc Architecten for Heijmans Vastgoed, has been completed. The design of Kade Noord for 134 homes along the river banks of the IJssel and the marina refers to the urban plan of Noorderhaven Zutphen by KCAP, transforming a former industrial area into a high-quality, diverse and vivid urban district.

The urban qualities of Zutphen, with its landscape and the cultural-historical elements, served as a basis for the urban design by KCAP. As a result, nature, history, and housing are inextricably connected also in the residential project for Kade Noord. The closed urban block with its 134 homes has been conceived by the architecture offices KCAP and Zecc Architecten. KCAP designed the 53 apartments along the IJssel and partly facing the harbor, the landscaped courtyard, and the half-sunken parking garage. Zecc Architecten designed the other 81 dwellings in the urban block and was responsible for the technical implementation of the entire project. Realisation was carried out by Heijmans Woningbouw Oost.

The new block is the continuation of the existing ‘IJsselfront,’ a prominent ensemble in the townscape of Zutphen, and its classical tripartite division, plinth, midsection, and crown, has been translated into a contemporary language. The residential offer is varied, from compact flats, maisonettes, and penthouses to four-storey townhouses. The blocks with different housing typologies each have their own identity and are individually readable through subtle differences, but together they form a beautiful ensemble.

The plinth in Belgian bluestone is the connecting element with the dwellings designed by Zecc Architecten. The corner block by KCAP is conceived as a beacon in the plot with its particular shape and extra height. It comes with commercial space on the ground floor. Facades of white stucco facades and white painted brickwork, topped off by dynamic crowns made from slate, are an apparent reference to the old city. The carefully designed details and the chosen materials like anodized aluminum for the entrances underline the high quality of the housing. All the apartments in the corner block take vantage from their strategic position with large windows and generous balconies to enjoy the unique panoramic views.

Kade Noord is built around a communal courtyard garden that offers new residents private and collective spaces, creating an informal atmosphere that facilitates interaction and togetherness. A continuous dike was the theme for the creation of places and a walking route. The greenery in the garden is based on local species and refers to a unique local landscape element: the wicker hedges of Zutphen.

Heijmans, KCAP and Zecc Architecten are happy to see the first “pioneers” moving in. Kade Noord represents the next step in transforming a former industrial site of Noorderhaven into a new and lively urban district.


Architect KCAP and Zecc Architecten
Client Heijmans Vastgoed
Participating parties: Heijmans Woningbouw Oost
Program Residential
Photography © Ossip van Duivenbode