Edward Schuurmans, partner at KCAP, has been appointed as member of the national BNA board. The Royal Institute of Dutch Architects unites and represents almost 1100 Dutch architectural firms. 

In an interview together with his predecessor Maarten Polkamp, Edward Schuurmans shares his thoughts on how he sees his function as BNA board member. To him it is essential 'to give something back, by making your knowledge and energy available'.  

With that ambition, he is happy to take this responsibility and has two things in mind: the architectural offices must share more knowledge, step out and try to be heard. 'I think it is important to keep in touch with colleagues, to see how other firms work in terms of content and business. I always say to other architects: go out, look, talk to each other’, says Edward. 'Architects spend far too much time behind their desks, puzzling over designs. But the profession is so much more. The BNA offers the opportunity to identify and approach problems together and look at them from different perspectives. We can also show better that we are capable of creating value that goes beyond money. In the areas of culture, comfort - happiness of life.' 

Together with Maarten Polkamp, he agrees that the position of the architect as a critical player in spatial planning in the Netherlands needs to be strengthened and marketed better. To achieve these goals, Edward Schuurmans is well aware that this has to go with more visibility of the architects' role. 'We have to overcome the distances between us and inspire architects to engage and participate more with the BNA.’