We are happy to announce the completion of our project Cruquiuswerf in Amsterdam. Our integral design comprising the urban plan, landscape design, and architecture originates from winning a private property transfer process in collaboration with area developer AM and a.s.r. vastgoed vermogensbeheer in 2015. Cruquiuswerf is located in Amsterdam's Eastern Port Area. Its realisation forms an essential step in transforming the former industrial area Cruquiuseiland into a mixed urban quarter for living and working.

Following the idea 'for everyone a view', we proposed a dense, fan-shaped urban plan that provides many apartments with views of the waterfront. The layout of the shifting linear building and wedge-shaped green spaces results from careful sunlight and shadow studies on the elevations, balconies, and public spaces. It guarantees views as well as enough air and light for all apartments and pleasant public spaces. Furthermore, it allows to break down the large scale of the volumes. Also with the materialisation, careful attention regarding the choice and use of materials optimises the scale and appearance of the buildings. The combination of natural stone and brick and bronze anodised aluminium at the building tops create a vivid play of rough yet smooth, matte, and shiny surfaces.

Two of the blocks were elaborated with architects from atelier PUUUR and studio Donna van Milligen Bielke.

We are proud to see that Cruquiuswerf has become a dense yet welcoming urbanity, ready to host a diverse community of residents who will enjoy water views from each of the apartments.

Photograph: AM