As the spatial concept for Switzerland is turning ten years old, it is time to revise this agreement on the shape and future of the country. To this end, Hochparterre is setting up the Agenda Raum Schweiz 2040 that is meant as a collage where experts from different disciplines give their view on designing Switzerland.

Anouk Kuitenbrouwer, partner at KCAP, shares her thoughts on strategies for adaptive cities as places where the changing planning practice is reflected. She explains how ”the classic tools of urban design, such as structure, grain, typology, and uses, can be used in new ways to create attractive neighborhoods with a high identification potential that are sustainable simply because of their adaptability.

The many uncertainties that accompany processes of change, certainly don’t allow a “one-size-fits-all” answer. However, they surprisingly give new meaning to KCAP’s framework & rule based design approach. One thing Anouk knows: ”In Switzerland, we need more space for experimentation. We must examine the city across disciplines from the perspective of the future. The knowledge is there. Now we need to develop it accordingly.”

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Image: Agenda Raum Schweiz 2040, Madlaina Janett