KCAP partner Irma van Oort is part of "Manifest: architecten over klimaat en ongelijkheid" / "Manifest: architects on climate and inequality", the book to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dutch architectural magazine De Architect. This jubilee seemed to the editors an excellent moment to look back and look fifty years ahead.

Climate crisis and social inequality are among the significant issues of our time. Global warming, demographic growth, and accelerating urbanisation pose unprecedented challenges. In the book, Irma van Oort gives her view on how KCAP, with over thirty years of experience in sustainable urban design and architecture, knows how to create projects that combine quality urban and housing development with climate targets and togetherness.

For Irma, an integrated approach to sustainability aspects is essential, like sustainable mobility, focusing on the walkable city and the promotion of public transport. Furthermore, the integration of more efficient energy solutions and water management responds to climate change while green roofs and canopies contrast heat stress in the cities. The integration of urban ecology is crucial, as is the engagement with a broad range of stakeholders. Because change cannot be achieved by the architects alone, the clients must share their ambitions. The government must also create conditions that stimulate quality, like urban planning frameworks, standards, and attention to welfare. It is essential to think in the long term, to spread the costs over the entire lifespan.

Irma underlines that we must not lose sight of the urban value of social sustainability. KCAP focuses on how a building manifests itself in its surroundings. "We are not looking for icons. We design from the human scale. For people who live their lives there". 

Portrait photo by Femque Schook