The desire of the Russian construction industry's leading representatives to implement the principles of sustainable development has made it possible to achieve important results in this area, especially in recent years. KCAP is proud to announce that a building we have designed has received Russia's first BREEAM Excellent Interim Certificate for a residential building!

The certificate was awarded to Urban-Villa 17, the architecture which is part of the masterplan for the European Quarter in Tymen, Russia, designed by KCAP for the Russian developer Brusnika. It is a new modern city block with affordable housing on the right bank of the Tura River. Two main typologies define the character of European Quarter residential environment: multi-storey residential buildings forming a fixed perimeter, and urban villas within the green inner courtyards, which also house pavilions with day-care centres. The entire quarter is a car-free zone, made possible by a network of underground car parks.

The high degree of standardization and efficiency of the building has a positive impact on the project's economic and environmental aspects, as evidenced by the receipt of the BREEAM Excellent Interim Certification in accordance with the standard BREEAM International New Construction 2016, Residential.