KCAP in consortium for winning design iconic residential tower of 140 meters in Utrecht

KCAP is part of the consortium with real estate developer Stadswaarde, Koopmans Bouwgroep (TBI) and J.P. van Eesteren (TBI) and architects Architekten Cie. (Branimir Medic, lead architect), Geurst & Schulze and Karres & Brands that has won the selection for the high-rise development next to the Leidsche Rijn station. The consortium will develop three towers of 80, 100 and 140 metres high. Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance is the anticipated investor for 886 homes. The project will include 1,128 residences in different sectors, approximately 60% social rent (279), medium-priced rent (278) and homes with care facilties (125). In addition, 204 private sector rent and approximately 242 owner-occupied homes will be built.

High-rise is not a goal in itself, but it has to deliver a contribution to the dynamics of the city, the quality of life at ground level and contribute to an affordable, social, inclusive society, where people live close to their work with good transport within easy reach. Together with Karres & Brands, the landscape is in fact 'brought to the surface' in the form of a vertical village with a 'tiny forest' at ground level and urban agriculture on the upper floors. The history and specific living quality of the Leidsche Rijn district were the starting points in all aspects of the design. The project will include 3,500 bike parking spaces, a rooftop restaurant, a pool, a sports café, shared laundry facilities, shared guest rooms, flexible workplaces, a kitchen facility for groups, workshops for artists and various other meeting places. An ambitious mobility concept including 100 electric shared cars contributes to the transition of mobility in the future. 

MARK is social
MARK offers the municipality of Utrecht a fantastic place where healthy urban living is stimulated in all its facets. Space has been reserved for common use and facilitating meetings between the residents of MARK. With this, MARK aims to combat the loneliness of living at height. With these facilities MARK can be seen as a vertical village. For the more urban facilities, residents can visit Leidsche Rijn Centrum and the city centre of Utrecht.

MARK is green
MARK consists of three towers, each with an illuminated 'crown' that refers to the history of Leidsche Rijn as a horticultural area. The illuminated crowns will mark the city of Utrecht with colours during important (sports) events. The crowns and the lower roofs function as horticultural greenhouses, in which urban agriculture can be used on a considerable scale. The project thus contributes to making the food chain in the city more sustainable. Local production of vegetables and crops for consumption by residents and local neighbourhoods. This short food chain has a negative CO₂ balance and at the same time guarantees a new biodiversity in the urban area. The homes will be delivered climate-neutral (EPC=0).

MARK is for everyone
MARK offers the inhabitants of Utrecht a striking building with a highlight in the form of a 'rooftop' experience centre with restaurant and a glass balcony at 130 meters height. Restaurant and balcony are open to the public. For the further design of MARK, the consortium is already in discussion with various stakeholders, local groups and organisations. Close to the area, a high-rise lab will be set up and residents of Leidsche Rijn will be challenged to participate in various parts of the development. Completion of the project is planned for 2023.