BPD and Van Wijnen select KCAP for the design of a multifunctional building in Rotterdam Katendrecht

BPD and Van Wijnen develop a complex with around 300 apartments, commercial spaces and an underground car park at the Brede Hilledijk in Rotterdam’s district Katendrecht. The developers recently selected KCAP Architects&Planners for the design of this multifunctional building. ‘After careful consideration and in consultation with the municipality, we opted for KCAP. KCAP's vision at this location translates into a 'light' building with special attention for living, encounter, integration with green spaces and connecting with the public space. Especially in these kind of urban areas, attention for the people living in the building is essential. For example, we invest in pleasant living environments which offer possibilities for social interaction,’ says Martijn Bus, developer at Van Wijnen.

Positive impulse
Over the past eighteen years, Katendrecht has changed from a ‘harbour area' into an attractive area for living and working and is still in transition. In the coming years, the neighborhood Katendrecht Pols will develop into an attractive urban area with more than thousand residences and a new shopping area. With the current success of 'De Kaap' and the striving approach of ‘De Pols’, Katendrecht district will reach a higher level. Paul Becht, Development Manager at BPD: ‘The ambitions here are high. You can only achieve success through good cooperation with the municipality, partners and stakeholders in the area.’

High-quality living and working environment
The project is located at the Brede Hilledijk in De Pols of Katendrecht, at the entrance to the district. The building makes a substantial contribution to the ambition to transform this location into a high quality living environment. Renske van der Stoep, Architect at KCAP: ‘We are very happy and proud that we have been selected for this great assignment in our city. We look forward to working with all parties involved in the development. Together we will add something beautiful to Rotterdam!’