Official opening of ‘Het Plein van Leiden’ as new urban heart of Leiden Noord

On Friday, November 24th, ‘Het Plein van Leiden’ has officially been opened. Het Plein is the new urban heart of Leiden Noord. With a renewed public space and located at the water, the square is an attractive urban living space and an asset for the district Leiden North and for Leiden as a city.

The transformation of the existing square ‘Kooiplein’ is part of a larger urban regeneration project for which KCAP Architects&Planners has made the urban plan. The area around Kooiplein is being expanded with new residential functions, more shops and community facilities and with a newly designed public space. The existing monumental fountain of Constant Nieuwenhuijs is integrated into the design. The existing water is extended in the form of a new canal to the square which increases the residential qualities of the new urban heart. Three new bridges connect and activate the various retail facilities and housing programs around the square.

‘Het Plein van Leiden is a collaboration of the municipality of Leiden, Heijmans and housing association De Sleutels. In addition to the urban plan, KCAP designed the public space and the bridges.