KCAP designs the area development plan for the an inner-city location of more than 4 ha in the new district of Merwede in Utrecht that has been acquired by developers Synchroon and AM as Merwede-C development combination. This area is part of the area development Merwedekanaalzone. The site will offer space for 1.000 homes and approximately 10.000 m2 of facilities. With this area development, the inner-city living enivornment in the city of Utrecht will receive a strong impulse: attractive living, close to the city center, in line with the inner-city growth ambition of the municipality of Utrecht.

KCAP is responsible for the design of the area development plan of the Merwede-C area in commission the newly established Ontwikkelcombinatie Merwede-C. This is a collaboration between Synchroon and AM.

Read more in the official press release of Synchroon and AM (in Dutch).