Project launch: Werkstadt Zürich

KCAP is working on the transformation of the former industrial railway workshops’ area in Zurich into a new quarter for urban manufacturing. ‘Werkstadt Zürich’ is one of three areas of the Swiss Federal Railways that have been identified for transformation within the next twenty years. With Werkstadt Zürich,  a sustainable mix of innovative industries, services and cultural activities will be established. 

The existing structures of the 42.000 m2 area form the basis for the urban concept: workshop buildings, alleys, in-between-spaces and the rail shore. Their industrial identity and materials define the atmospheric quality of the future development. They build a robust spatial framework that keeps the existing urban and architectural  quality and at the same time allows for further development without losing its coherence. The urban concept covers furthermore aspects of sight lines within the area, noise control, keeping or replacing existing buildings, programming and related building typologies. It connects the  urban pattern of the Werkstadt area to the larger context of the city and its infrastructure and strengthens furthermore the quality of public spaces by activating them with an industrial and commercial character.

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