A light installation as positive sign for EUROPE. "For a long time the European project was considered an obvious development that generated benefits for all parties concerned. The succession of serious crisis that move the continent for a decade, endangers this project for the first time seriously. The Brexit could weaken the entire alliance sustainably. The current situation is so loaded with problems that a positive sign appears necessary. Europe lacks visibility, public presence and positive feedback. The continuity and stability of the European idea are existentially, especially during this difficult period of time," states the organisor Moreplatz.

This is the background for the light installation on the facade of St. Agnes in Berlin Kreuzberg, which opposes the lack of visibility and presence with a statement for Europe in the public space. Moreplatz invited to contribute to let the letters EUROPA shine in 33 fluorescent tubes on the eastern facade of the church up November 26th. KCAP joined with great pleasure.

The 33 tubes are sponsored by:

Marc Feustel, Nicola Borgmann, Architekturgalerie München, Peter Scheller, Palais Mai, Kerria Wittenberg, Martin Schnitzer, Rabes + Möntmann, Ernst Baumann, Matthias Werner, Matthias Castorph / Goetz Castorph, Judith Schele Weise, Ruben Dario Kleimeer, Rene Rissland, Allard van der Hoek + Marit Vos, MVRDV, KCAP Architects&Planners, Wilhelm Koch www.europa-tempel.de, Antony Gross / Gapp Architekten, Frank Thiele / Factor Product, Angelika Maria Fink / Pathos Theater, Andrea Kyre, Sebastian Hennig + Daniel Zakharov, Urs Primas, Jens Studer, Franziska Schneider / SSP, Brigitte Russ-Scherer, Martine Vledder, Gabriel Lester / Polylester, John Bosch / OZarchitect, Hanna Wolff, Klaus Neumann / Realgrün, Chris Hohenester & Alessandro Cioffi, Regine Geibel, Georg Götze / Götze Hadlich Architekten 

Prior to the installation in Berlin, a projection of the installation was launched as preview in Munich.