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Europaallee Zurich [CH]

Redevelopment of station area

'Europaallee', the area around Zurich’s main railway station, is a key development site with its central position and excellent accessibility. In the masterplan, the morphology and block structure of the surrounding city is elaborated in order to insert the new development into its surroundings in a natural way. Construction envelopes have been established for the new blocks, with basic rules for maximum dimensions, penetration of daylight and sightlines. This establishes a sustainable structure that can be filled in gradually, responding to current programmatic demands, architectural taste and market developments.

Station precincts all over the world are being developed into layered urban hubs where flows of traffic converge and functions such as living, working, shopping and recreation are bundled together. The areas surrounding railway stations must also often be adapted to create space for the dynamic of different kinds of traffic flows and all manner of amenities.

Accordingly, the immediate area around Zurich main railway station will be brought into line with modern-day requirements. It will acquire a new structure that blends seamlessly with the surrounding area. A diagonal connection drawn from the old station plaza, provides the main axis of the new station area and leads to adjacent city quarters. At right angles to this axis, existing streets are extended in north-south direction as far as the railway line. Since a strip of land on the far side of the railway tracks is also being redeveloped, station and railway lines will be fully integrated into the urban fabric. Sight lines and a new bridge across the railway unite the two sides.

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB, Zurich and Municipality of Zurich 

100.000 m2 masterplan for Zurich's station area with 350.000 m2 of housing, offices, public space, retail and leisure

2004 - present


Participating parties
Ernst Basler & Partner, Zurich (coordinatior)
Rotzler Krebs, Winterthur (landscape)