FredericiaCFredericia [DK]
We create sustainable, intelligent living environments where existing and novel structures flourish.
HolzhafenHamburg [DE]

We marry the analytical mind of
the manager with the emotional
capacity of the artist.
Oostelijke Handelskade (OHK)Amsterdam [NL]
Our work combines reflections on typology and function, responses on context and innovation in regeneration processes.
LaurenskwartierRotterdam [NL]
Our theory and work stem from the practicalities of dealing with context.
HafenCityHamburg [DE]
A successful masterplan is neither a blueprint nor a legal regulation.
It is rather a code of conduct for all parties involved, a code to which each actor commits to.
Vasilievsky Island St. Petersburg [RU]
We are visionaries immersed in real life, pragmatists guided by our intellect.